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Micro Kit

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This is a 20 Tungsten Jig kit pre-packed in a Jig Box.  Free Shipping!  The Micro Kit contains our smallest jigs.  These jigs are great options for post cold front conditions and tough midwinter bites for sunfish, crappies and perch. 

2 x Chub, Green N Orange UV (3mm)

2 x Chub, Green Stripe (3mm)

2 x Chub, Tigger GLOW (3mm)

2 x Chub, Green N Yellow UV (3mm)

2 x Chub, Yellow N Orange UV (3mm)

1 x Chub, Gold Glitter (3mm)

1 x Ant, Blue N Silver (2.5mm)

1 x Ant, Black N Yellow (2.5mm)

1 x Chub, GOLD (3mm)

1 x Lug, GOLD (3mm)

1 x Headdy, GOLD (3mm)

2 x Bomb, Tigger GLOW (3mm)

1 x Chicky, Purple GLOW (2.5mm)

1 x Chicky, Yellow GLOW (2.5mm)

1 x Jig Box